…and now a word from our sponsors

There is something new on this page. I wonder if you can find it…

It isn’t subtle but it IS informative.  The Juice Box Jungle and Amazon have come to The Thoughts I Think!  Juice Box is a fun and zany look at parenting. In fact, their tag line is…KIDS.CHAOS.SURVIVAL. Pretty much sums up parenting doesn’t it?

Also, since I am a lover of the printed word. The little pictures right beneath JuiceBox links to Amazon.com.

Please check out their videos and their fun sites.  Proceeds from your clicks will enable me to feed my Diet Coke habit 🙂


2 responses to “…and now a word from our sponsors

  1. I was going to pass on clicking through, but then I remembered when I was under the influence of Diet Coke, so I’m heading there now. Have one for me, k?

    Oh, and I did notice the box when I first came to your site, whoohoo!

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