Ate My Words

It is confession time here at The Thoughts I Think.  The story I am about to reveal to you is tragic. I would really rather not admit it to you but because it might be helful I will expose myself (via printed page of course).

Before I was a parent …now, prepare yourselves…but before I became a mother I had… ideas about parenting** GASP!** I know, I know, it is the number one rule in life to never say never but I did, and unfortunately I did it with frequent censure.

The days before my tiny tot entered the world I used to wonder how a woman could walk into a public place looking like she had just completed a 10K marathon complete with children who looked like they were dressed and styled by chimpanzees.

I used to say, “Wow, I will never look like that in public and I certainly would never allow my children to look that way either.”

Ah, parenthood makes fools of us all; fast forward from those fateful words to yesterday morning. 

I found myself at the grocery store in what appeared to be clothing but was in fact various forms of paper towel; my sweatshirt had been sneezed on, coughed on and the sleeves had been used to mop up medicine that was too disgusting to be swallowed.  I hadn’t slept in two days, hadn’t showered in three, my hair was covered by my husband’s ball cap, my shorts had a lime green stain from the popsicle puddle my child left on the couch and I think I was wearing shoes but I can’t be a hundred percent certain.  The only thing I did know for certain was that I looked like some sort of bridge-dwelling troll out in search for cough suppressant.

Up until that point my daughter had been sick for a week. Unbeknownst to me not all mothers get that super-mom-immunity that is supposed to take place at the time of childbearing, so I had been sick right alongside her.  

When the pharmacist informed me that they didn’t sell cough medicine anymore for children under the age of six, I caught a glimpse of myself on a security mirror, you know, one of those big round ones that they use to spy on shoplifting patrons.  As much as I would like to blame my reflection on the fun-house properties of that mirror I realized that I was looking at the woman I swore I’d never be.

Pitifully, I went home without the medication I had searched so vehemently for and proceeded to eat my words for breakfast, lunch a dinner.

As it turns out irony tastes an awful lot like cough suppressant.


9 responses to “Ate My Words

  1. I subscribe to (in)courage and reading the article this morning lead me to read your blog, and I was just wondering…can we be friends??? You make me laugh and it has been my medicine this morning. I am at a brand new place in life…new city, new role (now a wife), no job, no friends and I really just want to smile. You did that for me this morning, well, you and my husband and I doing crazy dance moves in our living room. 😀 Too much info? Anyway – I just wanted to thank you for being you, and being courageous enough to lay down your life and answer the calling God had for you. Praise Him!

    • OH MY! Jodee THANK YOU!

      I don’t think readers realize but we are just as blessed by you. Thank you for your sweet words…I NEEDED YOU TODAY TOO!

      And we can totally be friends 🙂 I’m so glad I could make you laugh! God has blessed me to be a blessing…have a super-wonderific-day!

  2. Ginny, all I can say (again) is ME TOO! I used to be someone who didn’t leave the house without lipstick. Now I’m lucky to have my shirt buttoned.

  3. Dog-gone Karma, it’s always biting me in the rear.

    You crack me up, hope you get to feeling better soon.

  4. Hi Jenny;

    I passed along an award. Thanks for always making me smile.

    • An award??? I’m intrigued? No, flattered…No, intrigued…wait what is it for? Oh, who cares? An Award!! Woo-Hoo for gold stars!

      I’m glad I can make you smile 🙂 Thanks for reading and for all your sweet comments!!!!

  5. Sandra Burkhalter

    oh my goodness, if it weren’t for hats, i wouldn’t leave the house for half the week!

    love your story…where have you been all my life?

  6. Congrats on the new job. I love reading your articles. They are always so well written and most of the time it’s like you’re reading my mind. I especially relate to this one. I’m so in the same boat when it comes to how I look in public now. I’m constantly being used as a napkin or a tissue! I loved reading your story.

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