Fashion Does Not Live Here

I’ve always had issues with my clothes because I’ve always had issues with my body.  In all seriousness I have clothes for six different women in my closet; the sizes range from jumbo maternity clothes to a size 4 (my wedding dress proves I was thin…for about five minutes).

However, even if I discount all the sizes there are other issues; of which, you might be able to relate.

Being a Christian causes a problem for any woman buying clothes in today’s world.  It is virtually impossible for me to find clothes without low cut necklines or low cut thong lines.  On a good day I might find clothes that my Grandma would not like to borrow. On a bad day I am stuck with clothes that are so tight that they could be mistaken for sausage casing.  

Then there is the climate in which I live. Hot, hotter and the rim of Hades…as much as I would like to cover up the truth is that I’m sweating like a sinner in church and would prefer to wear a swimming pool if at all possible.

So on any typical day after I’ve cast out everything that doesn’t fit, could be classified as “Streetwalker-esque” or might elicit Brawny-sized paper towel sweats; the only article I’m left with is the sheet off my bed.

So, later when you see me in my toga just smile and wave…


3 responses to “Fashion Does Not Live Here

  1. “And so let us throw off everything that hinders…”

  2. LOL..amen to that ….like the toga..:)

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