Bandwagon, will you please take me to the Apple store?

A phone is a phone, is a phone, is a phone…unless it is the iPhone and then it is M-A-G-I-C!

I don’t buy things because everyone else buys things. I’ve always been a non- conformist in that way. In fact, the phrase “you must get one” will make me back away quicker than the Beatles did from Yoko Ono.  Keeping up with the Joneses is about as low on my to-do list as cleaning out the Diaper Genie. After all, I’m the girl who didn’t carry a cell phone for five years because I found its popular appeal obnoxious.

Which leads me to my topic.

Like many others I thought the iPhone was just another marketing ploy to get Name Brand-suckers to spend a King’s Ransom on a piece of technology that could do the same job as its cheaper competitors.

I. Was. Wrong.

My Man brought home a shiny new iPhone last night and I confiscated it quicker than you could say 3G.

Like everyone else with a pulse I had seen the commercials about Apple apps. I heard what other people had to say but I didn’t really get it until I had one in my hot little hands. No wonder there are throngs of people in the Apple Store all the time.


I couldn’t put the thing down. From about 7pm to midnight I was downloading Shazam, Bump, Tweet Deck, Ambiance and Score Center.  My daughter suddenly wondered what happened to Mommy and why she couldn’t stop shaking Daddy’s new toy because of thing called the Urbanspoon.

I even SLEPT with the thing! (only because I found this great WhiteNoise app and went to sleep with a soothing grandfather clock ticking lightly in my ears-Ahhh…heaven).

One thing is clear. The iphone is so technologically advanced that it might as well be Tinker Bell’s fairy dust.

Christmas will be in September this year, and the iPhone is on the tippy top of Mamma’s list.



8 responses to “Bandwagon, will you please take me to the Apple store?

  1. LOL. They are awesome aren’t they. I got the new 3GS two weeks ago and I love it. Now if they would just update so we can use MMS already.

    My app pick is All Recipes. It is great when you are out and need to think of something for dinner.

  2. Have fun! Sometime soon, I’d like to get one too! I like that my sister reads her recipes on hers. I am grateful for advanced technology, but find it a bit daunting as well. Sometimes, when the copier at school breaks down, I say…oh, bring back the ditto machine! That was EASY! 🙂
    Bless you and enjoy!

  3. That is hilarious. I happen to have an iPhone on my Christmas wish list, but nobody seems to want to move Christmas up three months to indulge me. No fair.

  4. I read your comments on Rachelle Gardner’s blog so I had to check out yours. You write funny very well and with such honesty, which is hard to find. Thank you!

    For the record, I refused to buy a cell phone until my mother coerced me with her talk of “emergency situations” and my daughter’s safety. That was in 2005. So I was only about three years behind my family and friends hopping on the cell phone bandwagon. I’ve been fighting the iPod (mp3 player) revolution for longer, but I can feel my defenses weakening in that battle. I guess “resistance is futile” when it comes to the unstoppable technology monster.

    I can’t wait to catch up on your older posts. Take care!

    • Leah! Thanks so much for reading and for the compliment 🙂
      I love Rachelle’s blog…so helpful! I’m glad you found me and I totally hear you. Resistance IS futile- I am afraid to admit it too. 🙂

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